I and feminism

It got me amused and sometimes surprising whenever I would introduce myself as a feminist and people around me would respond ” really, in Africa?”.

Severally people would ask me if I had got no other ideology to preach than feminism, and have I not understand the culture of Africa.

Not only that, girls were always surprise to hear me say I am a feminist, to them it is not in the character of an African man to be addressed as a feminist.

This few sentence above I want to discuss.

Firstly, being a feminist have nothing to do with being an African, it means being aware and conscious of the surroundings, the activities that goes on everyday, it means accepting to say the truth in this world that many persons have refused to say and accept to be truth- the social inequality between male and female- even when they new it is the truth.

Secondly, I preach feminism because that has been the best ideology that is fundamentally truthful, and again the issue of African Culture have nothing to do with accepting the truth as the style of life I want to live. If African culture is conservative and confused I am not, I have the moral and fundamental right to choose the way to my life especially if it is that which works towards liberation of humankind. The question people should ask especially those of Africa is “who makes culture?” And ” what was the social formation from which the so called culture existed? “.this two questions are very fundamental in understanding how that which we call our culture should be treated. Even the said African culture are not so uniformed, its of divergent ways, some are so conservative while some are so liberal and others are also moderate, from this one most choose one to follow, I follow the one that is liberal because it tends to accept and integrate in it new social behaviors which is crucial to contemporary living and also inline with one of the salient feature of culture- dynamism.

Last but not the least, it is the character of every one to choose and accept that which is the truth. Feminism preaches the truth that many of us have failed to say. To add to this, feminism is not a female movement only, it is a course for both male and female defined by morality.

The few questions below sre for my critics to answer.

1- who makes culture?

2- what will happen to the world if all is seen in all places regardless of gender?

3- what will it benefit you that you dictates others right and wouldn’t want others to dictates yours?

4- if you said your religion said so, is your God so weak that she can not fight for herself?


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