the midnight workers


it was a silent night

it rained and everywhere cool

and the night says it be cold

and we slept

all almost in their blanket

half shievering

half sleeping

and we never knew what lies ahead of us.

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And suddenly and unaware they came

midnight workers

those whose days has become night

And nights becomes days

those who reap where they do not sow

and they believe such is life

to profit without a sale.


men in the dark

men in blacks

faces the same

the same are there cloths

midnight workers

good men in the day.


Bring it or i shoot you

voice of seriousness

life of recklessness

men shaking

giving out all in fears

and also in tears

their daily sweats.

such was the night we were robbed off our valuables,phones, laptops, money, wristwatch, earrings, etc belonging to different persons in the house.

these are people who our society has produced, because there is no food, no employment opportunities, no conducive environment, no security, no unity, no love, no fair treatment, such is Nigeria. a home of violence, war and crisis. and her people chose to work by all means, even in the night, midnight works, risking their lives, receiving negative prayers, just to survive.

no security in schools

no security in the streets

everybody in fear

and can not rest comfortably again

a life of a University student in Nigeria environment.


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Religious crisis and the life of Nigerians.

please don’t get me wrong when i say i hate religion.

religion has made the world much disunited than ever united.

religion has caused much wars, violence than peace and stability among nations,

and the worst of it all is the doctrines that follows it. a situation where even those who claim to worship the same God have severally choose to worship doctrines.

i believe the only thing that can make us all stay together is when we talk about love. and i also believe that love is the essence of Gods creation of mankind. to love him. and to also love ourselves and neigbours, something that can make us ever united.

look at this story, in Nigeria, a country in the western Africa, my own country that had their colonial independence in 1960, a heterogeneous country that the major crisis that have faced us is religious one. prior to the 1960 independence this crisis has been in existence. different religious group trying to dominate the polity and even trying towards taking all possible measures to eliminate other religions. i know this is not peculiar to Nigeria only as it is a global issue which have for over time pose a challenge to human contineous existence. what this means is that religious violence and wars is the only thing that will put an end to mankind.

In Nigeria, like so many other countries in the globe, politics has been shaped along religious line, and who mans the affair of its political system is to the extent to which such a persons religion is able to outshine the other religions in terms of population. this also happens economically and educationally, and even in employment opportunities. this attributes can never ensure unity.

Currently in Nigeria, although had started long time ago. the herdsmen attacks, bokoharam, Militants attack which has posed threat on the life of innocent Nigerians has been a resultant effect of religion and the struggle of the supremacy of doctrines. none of them preach love. none of them talks about peace and unity, and this is the state of my country, a violence state caused by Religion.

currently everybody wants to live in their own home town as living outside your town where you will have to meet different religious practice will be putting your life at risk. and the upcoming 2019 general election has been drawn along religious line. a battle of religious supremacy.

how i wish the whole world will accept God as their religion and practice love as its doctrines since we all talks about God.

how i wish that we preach love and not hatred

how about preaching peace and not violence and wars.

may the souls of my fellow country people who have died along religious wars and violence rest in perfect peace.

remember we have much similarities than differences, in fact our differences lies only on the way we  tend to pursue our similarities.

love is the key to nation building, and i love you no matter your religion.

can i receive “i love you” back here?

Welcome To Nigeria

This writer wrote on major appointments that President Buhari did which is entirely outside the framework of federal character. According to the writer Buhari has planned ahead, and he blamed Nigerians for keeping quiet upto this moment when Nigeria is in a state of absolute terrorism and armed attack.

Without any act of biasness read his writtings bellow.

Written by IBRAHIM BUNU.

Why are we blaming Buhari and Not Ourselves! In 2015, we changed a govt under which human beings and businesses fared well. The South watched as the Northern oligarchy, with the help of Lagos media, demonised the govt of the day, manipulated the electoral process to install a radical Islamist and we said nothing.

  1. He appointed our Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Air Staff from his tribe/religion, we said nothing.

  2. He appointed our National Security Adviser from his tribe/religion,we said nothing.

  3. He followed it up with appointment of DG DSS from his village/ religion, we clapped for him.

  4. He appointed Chairman EFCC from his tribe/religion; we kept quiet.

  5. He appointed IGP from his religion and we said nothing.

  6. He appointed Minister of Defence from his tribe and religion, we said nothing.

  7. He appointed Minister of Interior from his tribe/religion, and we clapped for him.

  8. He appointed CG Immigration from his tribe and religion, we were the more quiet.

  9. He appointed CG Civil Defence from his own religion and region, we said nothing.

  10. He appointed CG Prisons from his own tribe and religion and we hailed him.

  11. He appointed DG NIA from his village, tribe and religion and we said it is his prerogative as President.

  12. He appointed Chief of Defence Intelligence from his tribe and religion; we were the more quiet.

  13. He appointed his kinsman, same religion, tribe and region the INEC Chairman, just to ensure he declares him winner even if he loses, and we equally said nothing!

  14. He appointed the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice from his tribe and religion, we said nothing too!

  15. A man is elected President and he concentrated the appointments of heads of entire security agencies in the country in one religion and region and you didn’t notice it was in furtherance of an agenda?

  16. Why is he so interested in having all the security heads from his religion and region?

  17. Generals Obasanjo and T.Y. Danjuma, President Buhari’s major supporters, have come out publicly to speak on their fears for Nigeria. The elders know Nigeria is sliding into great danger. Any moment from now, like they called Chief Obasanjo names; they will call Gen. Danjuma too. They might tell you it’s because PMB has stopped corruption that the General is angry and crying. They won’t tell you that General Danjuma is a very rich Nigerian already that do not need anything from govt appointees.

  18. Once President Buhari returned from London, after his last discharge from hospital, at the peak of IPOB agitation, he made a national broadcast and launched “Operation Python Dance” to deal with IPOB. His Attorney General applied to court to declare IPOB a terror group and proscribe it. IPOB never killed a single Nigerian to our knowledge.

  19. Uptill this day, the President has not made any broadcast on fulani herdsmen and their militant wing, that have killed and pillaged Nigerians in their thousands. Their leaders come out to take responsibility for such killings and they are still walking free. No arrest. No prosecution. It is an agenda.

  20. Who do we now blame? We were warned but we didn’t heed the warnings. We needed change so badly and anything but Jonathan was fine.

  21. Chief Femi Falana, Pastor Bakare and other rights advocates, you have let Nigerians down. You spoke so vehemently against GEJ but kept quiet in the face of tyranny, injustice and killing of Nigerians under PMB. God will request the blood of the Nigerians who have died in the hands of the emboldened herdsmen, at your hands.

As General Danjuma said, we are in real danger in Nigeria. Silence is no longer golden! 2019 is fast approaching, a chance we’ll have to correct our mistakes and right our wrongs and to salvage what we have left.

Northern Integrity.

Nigeria; life after school.

What many of our Youths who saw themselves in higher institutions have failed to understand today is the fact that there is life after schooling.Now one would ask what is the essence of writing these piece of work. the essence is to take our minds to things we have failed to know which are salients towards our survival. Especially in the contemporary Nigeria where things has automatically become a survival of the fittest.

Many of our Youths today have adopted the idea that the essence of schooling is wholly to be employed by people. And they forget to understand the brain behind Education which is the gradual and deliberate process of modification of potentials and abilities of individuals. Today we see many of our Youths carrying files from one office to another in what they called “the search for job“, the unemployed graduate. and when ever i see these persons i refer to them as liabilities to the society they belongs to. And it is so erroneous for a youth after years of schooling to be a liability to your society.

What i am saying in essence is that Nigerian Youths while in school should find and identify that potentials in them and apply them in their daily activities in school, and Education will help develop them the more. Taking the labor market for instance , one can easily find out that we have two major actors there ; one is the demand for labor and the second is the supply of labor, and one can only belong to one of the actor. In that same market research has shown that the supplier of labors suffers most. Now these Youths that left school to face life in its real perspective without making use of these their developed potentials only ends up joining the suppliers of labor in labor market and could be a liability to even theirselves and to the society at large.

What do we need to do to survive?,

first of all we have to reject ever been a liability to ourselves and to our families and societies.

secondly we have to reject the idea of no employment opportunities because we can actually employ ourselves if we really wants to.

thirdly we have to reduce the rate at which we live our lives in the ideas of other people and create our own idea that people may live on.

and lastly we must not depend wholly on certificates to survive because as my friend would always say “money is no respecter of certificate”. And the current problem of unemployment can not be solved by mere paper ownership (certificate).

Let us make use of potentials today and be successful.

Nigeria; a State of lawlessness.

When the rules and regulation guiding a given political system is weak, everything about the polity will definitely become weak. That is when anarchy, creeps in. In such a polity some will tend to be above the law, and laws will not be made to function on them. In such a polity different section will tend to rise against each other. Everyone will try to be on top of the ladder to power. Terrorism, militancy and religious and political violence will be everywhere.

This is exactly what is happening in Nigerian. The institution that should ensure peace, unity and harmony among the heterogeneously cultural, religious and linguistical group is weak. Imagine the deaths upon deaths that we are recording everyday, the killings of innocent Nigerians whose life has been sacrificed in the corridor of politics. Just because the laws that should regulate our social relations are weak.

In the Northern part of the Country we have herdsmen ( the reformed Boko Harams ), in the Southern part we have militants, everything shaking contineously the stability of the country. Politicians in Aso Rock sharing money, they can not be killed by the violence because they are part of it. Travelling overseas daily, lavishing wealths that if jointly bring together will put an end to the instability. Every corner of Nigeria is the cry of innocents blood.

Everything is just because laws are weak and it can no longer protect the common man in the polity. Nigeria is gradually going back to the state of Nature where life was solitary, naghsty, brutish and short. And living in Nigeria has become a survival of the fittest. Greatest pain to the greatest number, greatest pleasure to the smallest number. No food no money, No love no peace, hatred everywhere, unhappiness everywhere, bloods everywhere, and violence everyday.

A lawless State.


Here is my cries

And the recent liturgy of tears

That my eyes releases

And my pillow cleans.

All my body rushes out beads of perspirations,

Caused by thoughts.

My heart in pieces,

Honey I am sorry,

I am really sorry,

Please let us not take it too far

More harm than good it will cause,

I promise it won’t happen again,

A promise from a heart,

The wounded heart,

Still seeking for love and peace.

Femi fani-kayode twitted

A Nigerian lawyer and former Aviation minister Femi fani-kayode twitted below. His twit was based on the contineous killing and terrorization of Nigerians by Boko Haram ana fulani Herdsmen.

“I am guided by history and not by sentiment. They say those that refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeating its mistakes. And history teaches us that Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon were once Christian countries until the jihads after which they became Muslim…1/2”

The lawyer has before now called on his fellow Yoruba brothers and sisters to call for Oduduwa Republic.