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the letter

the problem is not the letter, it is the hand that wrote the letter. birds of feathers. Obasanjo is no where better than buhari.



th (26)th (18).jpgThere is a big gap in the society between the sexes, it exist, in political, religeous, economic, social and cultural sphere. gender inequality exist and it hurts. it hurts because you are not allowed to say your mind especially when it bothers you most. it hurt because it is will be referred not important when you say the the truth because you are just a woman. it hurt because you will be paid well in your job even when you must have added all your efforts. it hurts because they will say you are woman and can not lead well even when you have what it takes to lead. it hurt because you can not pray in the public or rather preach in the public and they will say “she is a woman” . Gender inequality is dangerous to the society, it causes more harm to the males than to the females. it makes males feel they are everything, it makes them feel there are demi-gods. But there are not, it makes them suffer too much. doing unnecessary works even when it can easily be shared. so gender inequality exist, and it need be stopped. ¬†JOIN US TODAY IN OUR WORLD. I AM A FEMINIST, AN AFRICAN FEMINIST.







after 24 years of june 12 election 1993, what has been our political changes. is elections free and fair? the decision of the majority are there heard. are we now free from politically progressing on errors. many questions are still left unanswered even after 24 years? our politicians never learn. that has been the only problem we have.

It is so disheartening that in a society so diverse as Nigeria some persons are now dictating what laws are, how these laws should be exercised and who judges what is wrong or right. these persons are not the governments but the Government has regarded them as the most necessary part of them that whatever there have said becomes the only binding rules. it is better such things are corrected.